Wake Up!

In the Body You Love

Hypnotherapy works well for women ready to silence their inner critic, 

and heal their subconscious relationship with food and body image 

so they can button those jeans and feel GREAT!

So many women simply want to take Back control and button their jeans.

“I just want to feel better”
“I just want to lose the weight”
“I just want to button my favorite jeans!”
Sometimes it just takes one small word… one encouragement… one person saying “you got this!”
You Got This!
Come feel better.
Come to lose the weight.
Come to button those jeans.
Come to love this body.
Let’s talk.

Know Exactly What to Eat - Feel Comfortable in Your Body -
Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

#1 - Schedule a Free Call

We will get really clear on what you want, what is blocking you, and what your best next step is to move forward.

#2 - Make Some Simple Changes

You dont need to fight anymore, it's all about relaxing into the fullness of who you are.

#3 - Enjoy your healthy body.

The best part about dropping the weight is getting to live lighter, in your heart, your mind, and your body!

Stuck And Frustrated?

Every day thousands of women make the promise to themselves that ‘tomorrow will be different’.  Even though they have been making that promise for years, even decades, they still hold onto hope that somehow this time it’s for real. This time they are in enough pain to make the positive change last. 
The only problem is that tomorrow never comes and even if she can lose some weight, she always gains it back. It’s frustrating, discouraging, and self-esteem destroying.   
She struggles to feel comfortable in her body and she worries that she is passing down her eating issues to her children / grandchildren. Desperate to get back control, she is willing to try just about anything, but it’s all the same.
The problem isn’t finding the right diet or the right time… it’s in her subconscious mind. It’s the patterns of thinking and old habiats that creep up on her when she is busy making other plans.
All she needs is a simple way to change her outdated thinking, rewire her brain, and weight loss becomes easy, simple, and fun. 
I have spent the last 14 years helping women change their subconscious mind so they can lose weight and feel great, at last. 
And I can’t wait to help you do the same.

Hello and Welcome,


I’m a mother, health coach,
clinical hypnotherapist, and founder of the
“Perfect Fit” signature program.

Since my first diet at 10 years old, all I wanted was to
feel comfortable and confident in my body, without
starving or missing out.

I’m here to show you how to make weight loss EASY,

Ok, today is officially the day…..from 275 to 199 in just over year. I haven't been under 200 sine 6th grade. Rose Stein your program kicks ass!!!! I can not tell you how grateful I am! 💖🎉
Chandra K.
I finally feel like food is in its proper place. I get to enjoy food while I'm eating and enjoy life in between. I am maintaining a 30 lbs weight loss. I know it sounds simple, but to me it's a miracle.


Here’s how we do it: