Who Is Responsible?

A women hears a knock on the door.

She opens the door to find an infant on her porch.

All alone, just sitting there, looking up at her. 

She is shocked and confused.

She looks around, but sees no one and no note. 

She is suddenly responsible for the life of this child.

SHE IS NOT TO BLAME, IT IS NOT HER FAULT… but she is now responsible. 

This story perfectly explains the difference between something not being your “fault”, but definitely being your responsibility.

You may not be feeling “comfortable and confident” in your body right now… and that may not be your fault.

You may not be the one to blame.

shitty people, hurt people, society, etc… hurt people.

You may have gotten hurt.

You may want to blame them or end up blaming yourself….

But we both know that the blame and shame game only goes so far.

In fact, it can a be a reason to stay stuck.

So – let’s put that double edged sword down and take responsibility for our health now.