What’s more fattening than chocolate?

What’s more fattening than chocolate?

I had a client named Kathy, lovely woman.

She wanted to lose about 100 lbs, mostly gathered in her mid-section. 


I asked her a lot of questions, as health coaches do, and she was adamant that she ate well.


She knew what to do with her food, and she was doing it. 


No soda, only water… 3 balanced (sometimes 2) meals a day… lots of vegetables and fruits… healthy fats… and fresh meats.


Typically, health coaches feel pretty stumped at this point and either smile and nod in disbelief and have her keep a food log…




have her take a bunch of tests because she must be allergic to something that is causing inflammation.

Now, don’t get me wrong, these are certainly possibilities… but not for Kathy.


I kept asking more questions until I found exactly what her missing link was.


I will give you a hint: it’s more fattening than chocolate, you cannot see, smell, or taste it, too much is really bad, and too little makes you bored.  


What am I?   STRESS


Sometimes changing the way you EAT is easier than changing the way you THINK!


But she was willing to try, desperate really, and so I showed her some relaxation techniques, recorded some hypnosis sessions for her, and listened while she shared the stressors in a safe place. 


3 months later she was down 12 inches just around her waist!  


It’s awesome what your mind can do for you.  It can make things easy or hard. It can encourage or discourage. It can help you gain or lose weight.