Forgot the Parachute?

What do you think is the best way to survive jumping out of an airplane without a parachute?

Try and figure something out while you are falling.


Plan a bit better and make sure you don’t jump without a parachute.

The answer is obvious, but most women I work with insist that planning properly for their health / weight loss is “too restrictive“, or “takes too much time“, or they “just don’t feel like doing it.”

Maybe you can relate.

It feels so out-of-control.

You try to control your hunger WHEN HUNGRY, not eat the cake… even though you have been thinking about it all day, or …you wait until you are too exhausted to care what’s for dinner… let alone make a ‘special diet meal’ just for yourself.

All of these are trying to make changes when falling through the air with no parachute.

It’s too hard and it just doesn’t work.

If you learn to back that bus up and notice ALL of the THOUGHTS that lead you to jump out without a parachute… you can change those for a new outcome… LONG BEFORE the emergency.

Now you are in THE MIRACLE ZONE.

This miracle zone is the place where it’s EASY. Where the creativity of your super-conscious mind meets with reality to inspire positive changes.

Suddenly your health / weight loss journey is a choice you made.

And it becomes FUN.

Just like flying through the air and gently gliding back down to earth with a fully functioning parachute is FUN.

To help you along this journey of taking back your power of choice… choosing to plan properly for your health / weight loss journey by enlisting the power of your super-conscious mind through hypnotherapy, I made you something special.

HERE is a script to record and listen back every day for 30 days. Your mind loves to hear direction from your own voice.

I also made a little recording of the same script you can access HERE.

Enjoy these gifts because you are worth the time, energy, and effort of positive change.