How she lost 14 lbs in 2 weeks (without starving)

How she lost 14 lbs in 2 weeks (without starving)

Today I’m going to share one of the most common things I see strong women struggle with when we start working together.


AND, I’m going to show you how you can overcome it.


But first, check out one of my clients, Anne, who struggled for YEARS with wanting to lose this weight.


Anytime she was around family, birthdays, holidays, events… she always ended up feeling deprived and hungry the whole time.


It just made her so uncomfortable, until she finally decided to stop doing what wasn’t working…


“I could always diet for a while, but every time the holidays would come around and I spent too much time with my family, old feelings would spark old habits and I would be off gaining weight again.
Until I found this program. I lost 14 lbs in just 2 weeks and have kept it off through 3 holidays now!”

Anne struggled not only with extra weight, but with one of the most common feelings when it comes to the diet industry:


“I’ve done it so many times!  How do I get it off AND keep it off??”


And listen, I get it. You’ve tried all the diets, plans, positive thinking, cleanses…


All while juggling your already busy life.


So OF COURSE it feels like nothing is working.


But one way I help my clients overcome this is by helping them get clear on what their vision is, and what exactly is getting in the way.


Then, focusing on THAT.


Focus on being driven and motivated by your vision for yourself vs. focusing on all the things that haven’t worked.


It comes down to this: LOOKING BACK WILL KEEP YOU STUCK.


So if you want to learn how to create a SOLID and CLEAR game plan that is actually sustainable and fits your needs, as well as the lifestyle you want for yourself…


Then I urge you to schedule a Weight Loss Clarity Call with me.


Click here to see the best day and time.


Here’s the agenda for Your Weight Loss Clarity Call:

  • First we’re going to get really clear on what is going on.
  • Then we’re going to talk about what’s sabotaging your efforts.
  • We will map out a workable plan and next steps so can button those jeans quickly.
  • Then I’ll share the Perfect Fit System

You’ll finish the call with tangible steps so that you can start to get rid of this weight for good.


The results Anne S.  got are possible for you too, Mary.


And with me in your corner, you’ll be unstoppable!


Click here to schedule Your Weight Loss Clarity Call with me.


You are SO worth it!

Rose Stein