What’s Your Ideal Weight?

What is Your Ideal Weight?

Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself and thought…


“wow, I wish I could be that weight again. Why didn’t I just enjoy and love that body? If I could be that weight now, I would never complain about my body again.”


Why do we do this?


Have some arbitrary number define how we feel about ourselves.


No one ever really explained what an “ideal weight” really is, so how could you know that you were there?


I’ll let you in on a little secret… Your ideal weight is NOT what your mother said it was.


It’s NOT what your boyfriend / husband / lover said it was.


It’s NOT what the magazines / TV / or social media says it is.

It’s NOT even what the doctor says it is.


“So what the HEC’S my ideal weight?  you ask?


YOUR IDEAL WEIGHT is when your HUNGER is even throughout the day.  Your blood sugars are stable, you are hungry about an hour before a meal and enjoy the meal completely. When the meal is over you are satisfied until the next meal.


YOUR IDEAL WEIGHT is when you ENERGY is even throughout the day.  Everybody is different in terms of their natural energy rhythms, and yours is on point with where you know it can be. You can enjoy all the activities you want to and have plenty of time for yourself.


YOUR IDEAL WEIGHT is when your CRAVINGS are on point with the health of your body. You are craving foods that are natural, vibrant, and alive. You body is in alignment with your mood and the signals are in line with your health.


YOUR IDEAL WEIGHT is when your SLEEP is refreshing. You wake up feeling invigorated and ready for a great day.


Get your H.E.C.S. (hunger, energy, cravings, and sleep) in order and your weight will naturally return to an ideal healthy weight for your body.


lots of love,


PS – Prefer this information in video form?  Click HERE to watch this lesson on Youtube.