A heavy heart…

A Heavy Heart...

I lost the weight, only to gain it back again.


But Why?


Have you ever done that?


I didn’t want to gain it back, I don’t think anyone does, but it came back anyway.


In a desperate attempt to not drown in sorrow, a million excuses wrapped up in “reasons” flooded my mind.


But I just couldn’t explain why I did it…. so many times.


The frustration, disappointment, and embarrassment of gaining the weight back (again) was just awful.


Can you relate?

I was always running from one diet to the next…. a cleanse here, some pills there, a book, a group, a trial, a detox, a challenge….


So I was either dieting and (hopefully) losing weight, gaining weight with tons of excuses, or living in fear of gaining the weight back.


UGH – it was exhausting!


Finally, I learned that there were 3 places I had to lose the weight BEFORE it would stay off my body.


#1: my mind.
All that negative thinking about myself and my body had to go.


#2: my shoulders.
I had to stop playing “Captain Save-Everyone-BUT-Myself”, I had to start saying “no”.


#3: my heart.
I had to find a way to forgive myself (and my parents) for the low-self esteem I suffered from for so long.


And, of course, not many diet books come with the kind of support I really needed to release the weight from my MIND, SHOULDERS, and HEART…. I had to hire a health coach.


I strongly recommend that if you have been struggling with gaining, losing, and in consistent fear and frustration about it… to please schedule a call with me.


The first one is FREE!  We can get clear on what is going on for you and map out a plan so you know your next best step to feeling comfortable and confident in your body…. no longer having to worry or diet again.


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lots of love,


PS – You can do this. It’s not unreasonable that you look and feel great! 

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