Why You Should NOT Exercise to Lose Weight

You are not going to believe me when I tell you this.


It’s seems counter-intuitive.


99.9% of women make this mistake over and over and over again.


And when it backfires, you blame yourself.




I’m over it and I hope you are too.


Here it is… the advice to end all advice…


STOP exercising so much… and STOP waiting for the time or energy to do the perfect exercise routine.


Exercise is for HEALTH (both mental and physical), not weight loss.


Of course, I am not saying sit on your butt all day and eat cheetos either.


But if you have have struggled with your relationship with food and body image, yo-yo dieting for decades, basing your mood or value as a woman on what the scale says, constantly thinking about your body in a negative way, blaming and shaming yourself, your body, and what you ate today.


If this is you…


STOP exercising so much. Or STOP thinking that you can’t lose weight because you can’t exercise.


Get your mood and food in order first.


I’m not saying never exercise, that is crazy, I’m just saying that when trying to quiet the itty bitty shitty committee in the head, creating a new relationship with your body and food requires some stability.


The ups and downs from over exercising is the #1 reason women fall off track and blame themselves.


You don’t have to do that anymore.


The inspiration to move your beautiful body will come, I promise. You don’t need to force it or plan for it.  You don’t need to muster up motivation, it just comes when the rest of the body isn’t wasting precious time and energy obsessed with food and body discomfort.


Let your body and mind heal first, and you will naturally move more.


lots of love,