Don’t Give Up

She didn’t stop.


She didn’t think.


She didn’t hesitate.


She simply lifted the car off the child.


An older woman lifting a car… a several thousand pound car… is actually NOT the most interesting thing about this story.


It gets even more wild … 


A few years after this incredible display of super-human strength, a reporter was doing a follow up story, and was shocked as what he found.


That woman (superwoman) had not left her house since that day.


Confused, the reporter asked her why?


She just looked at him … and finally explained that when she “did the impossible” with such ease, she realized how much of her life she wasted thinking her dreams were “impossible”.


That thought sent her into a deep depression. She gave up.

Don’t let that happen to you. You are also a superwoman.


Don’t you dare give up!


Don’t give up your dreams.


If you dream of living HEALTHY, VIBRANT, AND ALIVE…FREE OF THE WEIGHT OF THE PAST… then you shall have that!