How to deal with Diet Saboteurs (even family)

Are you trying to make changes in your diet and getting push back from the family? I call those people… “Diet Saboteurs” because they often … 1 – Not want to eat your “diet” food 2 – Complain about your “diet” food 3 – Bring home fatty, sugary, unhealthy things to eat 4 – Roll their eyes at you 5 – Get angry at your changes 6 – Say things like “just a little bit won’t hurt”, “just try it”, and “what’s the big deal?” 7 – Ask you to make them things that smell and taste really good, but don’t work for your body 8 – Some of them even go as far as handing you your favorite sweet thing and saying “you have no defense” (yes, that happened to me.) WOW! If you have any diet saboteurs in your life…. you must listen to this video I made just for you!

How to turn diet saboteurs into diet supporters and get your family to support your weight loss.