Subconscious Mind


Brainwashed When you look at a baby or a young child, do you think they have low self-esteem? Do they worry about the size of their pants or what the scale says? Do they wonder if they should go out or stay home because nothing fits right? Are they embarrassed to get naked or look at themselves …

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Embarrassed The summer of 1989 was the first time I had lost a significant amount of weight. About 25 pounds at “Fat Camp”. My mom, about 100 lbs overweight and struggling with food addiction and an eating disorder, made a comment that still makes the hair on my neck stand up. She was proud of me for losing …

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Don’t Give Up

She didn’t stop. She didn’t think. She didn’t hesitate. She simply lifted the car off the child. An older woman lifting a car… a several thousand pound car… is actually NOT the most interesting thing about this story. It gets even more wild …  A few years after this incredible display of super-human strength, a reporter was doing a …

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