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Rose Stein's Journey

 There are simply too many women struggling with their weight and body image.

I know, because I was one of them.
Since I was 8 years old, I connected my self-esteem to what the scale said… and 8 is just too young to be worried about dieting!
So, I created a program called “Perfect Fit” because if you have ever put on a pair of jeans that don’t fit anymore, and you want to blame the dryer, and it’s frustrating when you find yourself staring at the open fridge at night.
My program closes the gap between a woman’s self-worth and what the scale says, so she is no longer looking at the scale to tell her how to feel that day.
And when you can easily button your jeans…
You’re free from a life of shame and guilt around food.
With love and respect, I hope to see you soon
All I wanted was to feel comfortable in my clothes…

I remember a specific time (which had happened more times than I can count) where once again, I gathered my determination… motivated by an upcoming event where I really wanted to feel and look good.


I calculated the time until the event, and figured if I did a quick plan I could drop down enough to fit into that nice summer dress and feel great.


Focus, determination, motivation, desire, a plan – I was ready.


And you can probably guess what happened… Ugh…


Willpower failed me. And even if I can muster it for long enough, I always seem to end up right back in the spot where I have to find that old fierce determination all over again.

… for my inside and outside to match… but I just couldn’t control my mindless eating.


Waking up Monday morning, determined to be “good”.


Sometimes that would last until Wednesday.


Sometimes only until lunch on Monday.

No matter how much I tried, somewhere along the way, I would notice (after the fact) that I had eaten a bunch of food that I didn’t intend on eating, and my clothes kept getting tighter.


To some people, that might sound strange, but that was my experience ever since I can remember.


Why did it seem so hard?

Sometimes I would be satisfied with a justification or excuse (we sure seem to have some good ones these days)… but eventually, the consequences of these actions both physically and emotionally were just overwhelming.

Most Weight loss programs overlook the power of the Subconscious mind.

You have tried so many times, so many things.


Eating less, exercising more, cleanses, detoxes, retreats, cabbage soup, 12-step programs, low carb, high fat, low fat, high protein, vegan, paleo, keto, intermittent fasting… and everything works for a minute until the novelty wears out and you just cannot do it anymore.


How do I know this frustration so well?


Because I was there too, for about 30 years and I had to ask myself “why did I keep gaining the weight back when I didn’t want to?” The truth is that I learned how to binge eat, hate my body, and eat my feelings from people I loved dearly as a child. This is not to blame them, it’s simply the truth. And I could not get any relief until I changed those habits in my subconscious mind.

Most weight loss programs overlook the power of subconscious thoughts.


The relief that comes from quitting is actually a subconscious pattern that can be changed. When we learn the operating system of our own mind, then it works like a brand new computer. 

Actions and body follow the mind.

If you have been stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting only to blame yourself for lack of willpower, or trying to find motivation from the internet, doctors, the mirror, loved ones, God, or even the tightness of your clothes…


please know that you don’t need to live with that frustration for one more hour.



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