A Frustrating Time

Here’s the thing… the health world, as we know it, is changing.


It’s no longer about counting calories or eating fat-free foods and drinking diet soda.


What it’s really about is nourishing the body with real foods and learning to manage stress.

So how do you do this?



Through RELAXATION: aka healing your body and mind from the effects of chronic stress and dieting forever.



If you stick with me, you’ll get all of the fundamentals and tactics I’ve learned over the past 11+ years as a clinical hypnotherapist and health coach, as well as 30+ years of personal trial and error, plus strategies for feeling and looking great with or without clothes, looking at pictures and being happy with how you look, no matter how busy you are, or how what you’ve tried in the past.


I’ll break them down for you in simple, easy-to-use action steps so you can see how simple they are to implement in your own life.

I’m super excited to share how I finally dropped that last 20 lbs and healed my relationship with my body. But more on that later…


Because before I was successful at dropping that weight and healing my self-image I fluctuated between telling myself it was all okay, which gave me an excuse to eat more, and feeling extremely uncomfortable in my body, hating taking pictures, and struggled to find something that fit each day, which inspired a desire to eat better each morning, but usually resulted in even more eating in the evening.


I was constantly frustrated. I wasn’t happy. I was often short with people, or overly nice, just trying to keep it all together.

One day I woke up and said enough. I can’t live like this anymore. And that’s when I decided to get off this diet roller coaster for good.


Now, my mission is to help you stop yo-yo dieting for good so you can lose the weight, from your mind and body, and feel sexy with or without clothes on 😉